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Thank-you message from Eppi Sukhu

Posted on July 5, 2013 at 11:55 PM


Above: a guest examines a few of the new works that were revealed at the exhibition.

Thank you!

Amid gasps of exhaustion – of the yogic sort (i.e. changes?! – ha-ha!) it’s fitting that I begin this reflection piece.

I’m honoured. I’m infinitely touched. I am so deeply moved that, just a short while before the start of the exhibition, we exceeded 100 registrants in one registration group, alone. Soon following, we received just over an additional two hundred from additional registration groups. I was further honoured to meet so many more of you who attended, but were not registered as such. You bless me. Truly. You are a great group.


Each one of you kept me moving with your presence, enabling me more readily able to transform “fatigue” so effortlessly into “fuel;” into something else. Tirelessly. To the amazing and wonderful Blue Smiley, to Dan, to my dear family – to those of you who displayed your kindness, great service/work ethic, and helpful nature – thank you! To those who sent your support from a distance: thanks! To those of you who travelled from the outskirts of the GTA onto Danforth Ave. and then, having met my note, onto Danforth Rd…O my! You’re wonderful, and, truly I would have done the same for you. To those of you who called: thank you for having the courage to call when you became lost. ...And to those of you whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I hope to enjoy the pleasure of your company, soon.

Unfortunately, we faced a tough choice shortly before the start of the exhibition. To preserve the integrity of the exhibition itself, to keep our word to registrants such as yourself, and, to honor the people attending better, as well as the artist, we needed to move the location of the show. And we did so. With short notice. And, you were *great* about it. …Thank you!

People of Toronto and its surrounding areas, and everyone abroad who sent their support and good wishes this way: I especially wish for you ever-increasing joys that last to delight even the deepest of sorrows, which sometimes rear their head in life. Better still: may the serenity within be your conscious identity regardless of external circumstance. Therefore, may your presence be a light to others, and may you rejoice ever more in the beauty that is life.

May love show its face to you always, encouraging you to notice: “I can!” each and every moment. :)

With Infinite Love,

    Eppi Sukhu

Above: Peter Kimber, Street Performer Salesman and Founder, Mr. Positive Marketing Service with his hand-made, original marketing gear.

We wish you the best of success in your endeavours, Peter. Thanks!

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